Businesses in Australia take their role as global leaders seriously and want to be among the first to stand alongside UNHCR and the Australian Government in welcoming Syrian refugees to Australia.

The Syrian situation is the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of World War Two. As global citizens, the business leaders of Australia are committed to extending a hand to support the settlement of 12,000 Syrian refugees.

The Syrian crisis has had tragic results. Over 50 per cent of displaced people are children, many of whom are under 5 years old. Nearly 30 per cent of displaced Syrians are in families headed by females.

This is a global crisis and it demands a universal response. It is not only about meeting the immediate demands but also pledging support for a long-term resettlement process to secure a bright and prosperous future for all Australians.

Australia has a proven track record of building a diverse and integrated multicultural nation. There is a role for all of us, including Australian businesses, to be leaders and champions for our country, encouraging and inspiring our newest Australians to make the most of the opportunities this great nation has to offer.

Australia?s top business leaders, many of whom share their own migration story and a vision for a strong and secure future Australia, are driving the Friendly Nation Initiative. We are calling for Australian businesses big or small to join in welcoming the newest Australians from Syria.